Application of YX3000 Series 350KW Inverter on Brick Extrude

I. Overview

1. Star-delta or soft-start is used in traditional brick-making extruders to start the motor, and switch to power frequency operation after starting, and the machine will generate a great loss of electrical energy under power frequency work.

2. Due to the particularity of the load of the brick making machine equipment, the extruder starts idling. After starting, the mechanical gearbox will be connected and disconnected with the load through the pneumatic clutch. The machine and the load will generate instantaneous current when they are clutched. Largely, it is prone to report over-current protection. Therefore, it is generally necessary to enlarge the frequency converter by one level at the scene. (A 350KW inverter is used for the 315KW motor). At the same time, the current limiting parameters and fast frequency reduction parameters of the inverter are set to prevent the inverter from skipping current faults when the inverter is on and off.

II. Advantages of Yuanxin inverter control

1. The use of frequency conversion control can greatly and effectively save energy. When it does not need to run at full speed, the frequency can be adjusted by the frequency converter.

2. The use of frequency conversion start can effectively avoid the impact on the grid voltage and machinery, and the motor starts slowly through the start time of the frequency converter.

3. The use of frequency conversion control can effectively protect the motor. When the motor is overloaded or stuck, the inverter has the trip protection to prevent damage to the motor from overcurrent operation.

III. Parameter setting of YX3000 inverter

Parameter setting of Yuanxin inverter

Function code


Factory default

Set value

P0. 17

Acceleration time



P0. 18

Deceleration time




Run command channel selection



P 5.04

Automatic current limit level



IV. Onsite pictures