Application of YX3000 Series 30KW Frequency Converter on Punching Machines

I. Overview

1. The flywheel is driven by the punching machine through a motor, and the crankshaft and connecting rod mechanism is driven through a clutch and a transmission gear to move the slider up and down, and the drawing die to form the steel plate. The punching machine is also called a punch, and the scientific name is a press.

2. The original electrical cabinet control method of the equipment is the star-delta step-down starting method, which consumes more power for mechanical use. Moreover, the motor can only run at full speed after starting, and the motor speed cannot be adjusted.

3. The following is the field application of YX3000-4T0300G frequency conversion transformation: (22KW motor with 30KW frequency converter):

◆Add speed control of frequency converter without changing the original control circuit of the equipment;        

◆Remove the star-delta power cable, connect the incoming power supply to the inverter input RST, and connect the inverter output line to the upper end of the star-delta contactor, and take the normally open point on the star-delta contactor to start the inverter. The signal is connected to the inverter FWD and COM, so that the system will start the star-delta first and then give the running signal to the inverter.        

II. Advantages of Yuanxin inverter control

1. The inverter control can realize the smooth soft start of the motor, which is smoother and easier than the traditional soft start combined star-delta start.

2. Inverter control can realize comprehensive protection of the motor and extend the lifecycle of the motor and equipment.

3. Inverter control can realize the requirements of different processes, and achieve the improvement of process quality and benefits.

III. Parameter setting of YX3000 inverter

Parameter setting of Yuanxin inverter

Function code


Factory default

Set value

P0. 17

Acceleration time



P0. 18

Deceleration time




Stop mode



P 0.03

Run command channel selection



IV. Onsite pictures