YX9000/V9 Constant Pressure Water Supply Manual (V1.1)

This commissioning manual applies to the inverter software version number: (P7.09=9900, P7.10=1.00)

I Quick guide

One-key setting of macro parameters, the inverter enters the default constant pressure water supply mode.

One key to set parameters:P0.01=10

The first row of operation can switch the output frequency, current, and set pressure;

The second row shows the feedback pressure

Default mode scene mode:

The set pressure is 0.500MPa, which can be directly adjusted with the up and down keys on the panel;

Pressure gauge range: 1.0MPa;

Sleep frequency: 25.00HZ

Reach the set pressure value 100%, (P6.37 sleep pressure percentage)

Sleep after 5 seconds; (sleep determination time P6.38)

The panel displays the sleep state of SLEEP.

80% lower than the set value, (P6.35 wake-up pressure percentage),

Restart after 2 seconds. (Wake up determination time P6.36)

II Related parameter description

function code




P0.01=10 Constant pressure water supply mode

Set P0.01=10 to set the default parameters with one key. If you need to adjust other more parameter functions, please refer to the description of water supply parameters.


Feedback pressure signal:0VI Remote pressure gauge0-10V

9CI Pressure Sensor4-20mA

Feedback signal settings are generally divided into:

Remote pressure gauge (voltage type)

Pressure sensor (current type)


Pressure gauge/sensor Range

Pressure gauge/sensor Range


Proportional gain

This parameter can adjust the speed of system adjustment response


Given pressure

Set the target pressure, which can be adjusted by the up and down keys on the panel


Set the maximum pressure value with the up and down keys

Set the maximum pressure limit value with the panel up and down keys


Set the minimum pressure value with the up and down keys

Set the minimum pressure value with the panel up and down keys


Alarm upper limit pressure output

Multifunction switch output (relay output) function 42


Alarm lower limit pressure output

Multi-function switch output (relay output) function 43


Awakening pressure level

In the sleep state, the inverter enters the running state if it is lower than this level and after the judgment time of P6.36


Wake up pressure preparation continuous time



Sleep pressure level

In the running state, after reaching the sleep condition, it enters the sleep state after the judgment time of P6.38. The panel of the inverter in the sleep state displays SLEEP.


Sleep pressure level continuous time



Sleep frequency

The lower limit frequency of the inverter operation and the judgment of the sleep condition according to the setting of P6.41


Sleep frequency continuous time



Units place: Sleep selection

0Sleep frequency conditions are valid

1Invalid sleep frequency condition

Tens place: percentage

0Awakening sleep pressure is the actual pressure

1Wake up sleep pressure as a percentage of the set pressure

Sleep selection: When the sleep frequency is invalid, when the sleep pressure level is reached, the condition is satisfied. When the high-level water supply or the slender pipe cannot enter the sleep state, the sleep frequency must be selected to be valid.

Percentage: This bit selects whether the wake-up sleep pressure is the actual pressure or the set pressure percentage.


Locked-rotor judgment time

Factory value 60 seconds

III Wiring diagram

3.1 Main circuit wiring diagram

The following figure takes 7.5KW as an example. Among them, the three-phase power input is R/S/T, and the three-phase output U/V/W is connected to the motor. For details, please refer to the user manual.

3.2 Schematic diagram of external start and stop(Two-wire system (parameter:P0.03=1)

3.3 Wiring diagram of pressure gauge (parameter: P6.02=0) 

3.4 Pressure sensor two-wire wiring diagram (P6.02=9, CIN jumper to I side)